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SMOKE ON 11 is the compelling tale about an exceptionally intelligent young Black boy who wanted a better life for his family. He chose to rise above adversity, flying faster than the speed of sound to become Canada’s first Black jet pilot and first Black Deputy Commanding Officer of the world renowned Royal Canadian Snowbirds - Major Walter “Wally” Watson Peters.

Our story unfolds over the course of Major’s Peter’s first flight as a Royal Snowbird Flight; The Takeoff which covers the ROYAL beginnings of his early life, The Flight Routines which takes us inside his intense military training and his rise to Deputy Commanding Officer of the Snowbirds, and The Landing which covers the sunset of his life with one last mission.

Through the perspectives of Major Peters’ three daughters; Shelley, Canada’s First Black RCMP Officer, Laura the Professor, and Cathy, the Health executive; we reveal life of a military family, moving from base to base and country to country. They share candid and intimate moments they spent with the man who was not only their father. He was their inspiration.

Status: Development , Pitch deck, Treatment, and Teaser Lookbook available upon request.

TINKERBOX – Youth Series

TINKERBOX is a show aimed at encouraging children to think OUT OF THE BOX. Using hands-on, interactive, experiential tasks, children are taught lessons about science and the environment and must use independent and collaborative thinking to achieve the completion of projects.

The tasks can be as simple as making a backyard pizza oven to manufacturing a solar furnace. In any case, TINKERBOX shows the youngsters how science can be not only functional but fun! It’s not a race. It’s not a game show. Every participant is a winner.